Gotic - Jep Nuix

Dansa d’estiu (“Escenes” record - 1977)

JEP NUIX - Flutes

The master touch - Jep Nuix’s flute
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Gotic was a symphonic rock group formed in 1974 by three friends, Rafael Escoté (bass), Jordi Martí (drums) and Jordi Vilaprinyó (keyboards), which Jep Nuix (flute) joined them two years later.

Incorporating Jep took place when he and Jordi Vilaprinyó agreed companion Joan Isaac and established a current of mutual sympathy and personal music, as Gaby Valls Schorr explains in his book Jep Nuix, 2004. Col. Catalan Composers, Department of Culture. Jep group brought the sound of the flute and composition issues, which were also Vilaprinyó and Rafael Escoté.

They had a common love for music and interest groups of the time, such as Yes, Genesis and Emerson, Lake and Palmer. We spent every evening then listening to these groups in a local parenting Jordi, rehearsing it issues these groups and original pieces composed by themselves, with a large dose of musical creativity and inventiveness in the constant search new forms of composition and performance.

At that time, Gotic developed a great activity with performances in Andalusia, Valencia, Zaragoza, Santander, Madrid and in Catalonia such as the Catalonia place for Mercy 77, and mostly stayed as a group the most charismatic and exciting at that time (Gaby Valls Schorr, 2004).

In 1977 they recorded Movieplay with the first album, "Scenes." On this album there were two issues Jep: Scenes from the festival ground and the sea calm and you could see it all so easy. Jordi Sierra made a critical disk and Jep said, "with their tastes ranging from Mahler to Stravinsky, Bartok and Stockhausen passing through, and the Urban Music or Yes, posiblemente the binder is more formal to informal Gotic, Creando the forms of the most subtle and very estudiados trabajados themes "(Disco Express no. 475, May 9, 1978).

Over the years, this album has been highly sought after by lovers of this music and has been reprinted several times: M2U memories Fonomusic Discmedi.

Jep Nuix left the group in 1978. His career together was not very long, but despite this was very productive and rewarding. They were years that he remembered with great enthusiasm and considered very important for the formation and evolution of music to contemporary music, as he told Music today (January March 1996 Miró Foundation) "Before even participate in jazz-rock formations, had accompanied some singers, which otherwise I continue ... at the same time studying at the Conservatory. This duality liked and I understand that the I formed two sides musically ... Maybe at that time did not have much defined my musical direction ... but increasingly drawn to contemporary music ... "

Gotic was therefore to Jep Nuix very important. And not only for his musical formation and evolution, but also because when played together passes it very well, and because it was a very fruitful musical progress with valuable and precious for everyone. In fact, Gotic was a symphonic rock bands most loved, valued and recognized at the time.
Jep: Mini bio
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Flutist and composer, was born in Barcelona. He studied flute, harmony and counterpoint at the Conservatory of Music in Barcelona, ​​composition and instrumentation with Gabriel Brncic and composition of electroacoustic music and computer music with Gabriel Brncic and Luis Callejo Laboratory of Electroacoustic Music Phonos Barcelona.

As a flutist, he accompanied several singers Joan Isaac, Marina Rosell, Ramon Muntaner, etc., who also wrote arrangements. He made numerous recordings as a studio musician and participated in productions of Marat-Sade and Storm Nuria Espert.
It was part of the group of symphonic rock and jazz-rock "Gothic" and "Mirasol Colores." Also the group "things." With "Gothic" was there from 1976 to 1978 and they recorded an album, "Scenes" (1977).
As a composer he wrote for all types of training: for solo instruments, chamber music, orchestra, electroacoustic music and music for theater, video, television, clowns ...

He attended courses and seminars and had contact with composers such as Witold Lutoslawski, Luigi Nono, Thomas Kessler, Gerald Bennett, Heinz Holliger, Luis de Pablo and Joan Guinjoan, among others.
They were awarded numerous composition awards: first prize in the IV Contest polyphonic works (1984, "Effective"); first prize at the 10th. Young Composer Competition of Young Musicians of Barcelona (1989, "in Allschwil -4"); Award-INF ART'90 Foundation Pension Fund (in 1990, "His Master's Voice"); among others.

He received commissions from renowned artists specialized (Barcelona 216, Vol ad libitum, Nieto, Anna Ricci, OBC, etc.). He received commissions and grants from institutions and festivals (CDMC Festival of Peralada, Torroella Festival, Drama Centre of Catalonia, Barcelona City Council, Ministry of Culture, Youth Institute, CIRIT of the Government of Catalonia, etc. ).
He was resident composer at the electronic music studio at the Conservatory of Basel and was invited to participate in the 33 Ferienkurse für Neue Musik, Darmstadt and the III International Seminar on music and computer, Universidad Internacional Menéndez y Pelayo, Cuenca.

His works have been performed in numerous concerts and festivals in Europe, America and Australia.

He was coordinator of the laboratory of sound and music CIEJ Foundation Pension Fund; was a member of the Catalan Association of Composers, Association of Electroacoustic Music of Spain and composers group Grupo del Bierzo; and as a performer, was part of the Ensemble and Phonos want ad libitum.

His discography as a composer includes two monographic CD "Jep Nuix, Intervals" (1995) and "Jep Nuix, Jenji" (1999). Moreover several other works of performers have included it in their CD.

In 2004 he published the book "Jep Nuix" by Gaby Valls Augustine and Charles Gabriel Brncic prologue, published by the Department of Culture of the Generalitat.