Gotic - Eugeni Gil


Suite (“Gotic II - The 1978 unreleased LP”)
My Gòtic days!
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I will remember during all my life the moment I joined Gòtic. It was a turning point in my development as a musician.
I came from a musical training based on studies of classical accordion and music theory at the Conservatory of the Liceo, during my childhood, and I guess that helped me to hate the formal studies. Later on I discovered the electric guitar, and begin to play with some blues and rock groups while working in other jobs, not musical related.
Note that if at the conservatory, I learned to read music, in the years of rocker, I totally forgot about formal music up to the point that it seemed as if a chip in my brain prevented me remember what it was.
Some time after finishing military service, I quit my job and decided to dedicate entirely to music, not really having any idea of where I was heading….
Some time after that I contacted Jordi Vilaprinyó and Rafael Escoté, who suggested me to join Gòtic as guitarist, as they had decided to incorporate the instrument to the group.
The first day I went to the rehearsal I was shocked. The tunes were inticated and very complex, but at the same time very imaginative and really fresh. That was far from anything I had done before. And the most amazing thing was seeing was written in scores and those "beasts" who read music as a newspaper.
It is appreciated their patience with me, as my musical knowledge was very limited and had to learn everything by hearsay, with the attendant problems of technique.
Often he left with Rafa or Jordi, explaining me tidbits of music and guitar technique, and I was advised that I matriculase in the Hall of Modern Music and Jazz Barcelona. Which I did and which I am very grateful.
The gigs were great. For the first time I stepped on large stages with powerful PA, and for the first time also I entered a recording studio: an exciting world with large reels of recording booths for the drummer and the responsibility not to make mistakes…because if you end being much “punched”, the recording technician gets very, very upset….
I remember rehearsing twice a week in order to refine the tunes already made and add new topics over them. All the guys in the banwere adding new ideas, and each piece was a new challenge. At the time, Jordi Vilaprinyó was transcribing songs from people like Chick Corea and we were happy trying to play them because, as he said, “are good to learn" (and he was right).
Gothic did concerts on several places in Spain and Catalonia, with the consequent road trips… hotel nights, and various music venues in the country, with all the anecdotes and memories that all of that entails. Among other things, we played in the Canet Rock Festival 1978, one of the musical events of that time, although it was a little short intervention among as a large number of groups, The festival lasted nearly a full day .
Finally, Gòtic was over, but now, after nearly thirty-five years we gathered around the last album we did, the one that was never published. Upon hearing it again, I got the conclusion the music of these days has a freshness, quality, strength and taste, hard to find, in my humble opinion, in today’s music.

Eugeni Gil
(guitar player)

Eugeni: Mini bio
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From age 10 to 14 he studied music theory and classical accordion at the Conservatorio del Liceo in Barcelona. Later focuses on the guitar, self-learning and playing in different rock groups: Escacs, Mamut, WBC and dancing bands, as an amateur, combining all this with other jobs of various kinds.
At 23 he works exclusively in music theory and took classes of guitar, taught by professional musicians as Gabriel Rosales, Enric Herrera and Antonio Peral. Joins the band of rock-fusion Gòtic where he meets Rafael Escoté and Jordi Vilaprinyó, which introduced Eugeni into the world of recording studios.
As a session musician has carried out a very different stylist jobs, backing artists like The Deblas, Jose Maria Puron, El Junco, Parrita, Moncho, Orlando Ojeda, Jose Guardiola and Salome and singers and songwriters as Ovidi Montllor and Oriol Tranvia.
He has been in several bands: La Vella Dixieland Dixieland, The Supremes Soul, Monica Green, rock groups as The Breakers and The Tribu of Santi Arisa. Joins the funky band Fam de Funk with whom he has recorded two albums. He toured a full year’s season with Ektal Enseble (Jazz free ethnic fusion).
Balkan music with Orkestina group and different collaborations with theater groups like Comediants among others.
Professionally, he has shared the stage with musicians such as Toti Soler, Jorge Sarraute, Xavier Batllés, Arrigo Tomasi, Nestor Munt, Eduard Altaba, Benet Palet, Quico Samsó, Peter Mayr, Enric Alegre, Jimmy Jenks, Carlos Nostro, Joan Carles Capdevila, Josep Maria Borràs Daniel Levi, Tito Busquets, Lluís Pardellans, Ivan Dimitrov, Licho Constantinov, Santi Arisa, Ricard Roda, Ramon Miravet, Bergedà Marc, Pau Casares, Pau Bombardó, Paul Stouthamer, Pee Wee Ellis. Nowadays Eugeni is working on a duet (BGD) with Lluís Cuadrench. He also collaborates with Noah Rives (children songs).